Newburyport December Events

December is upon us in Newburyport and there is no better time of the year. This is the perfect time of year to come together with both family and friends. Christmas is less than two weeks away and a new decade is right around the corner. Newburyport has everything you need to make this Holiday season one of the most memorable yet.

Home for the Holidays

Twinkling lights and garland wrapped staircases; experience some of Newburyport’s finest homes for the holidays. Anna Jaques Hospital Aid Association will host their first Holiday House Tour on Saturday December 14th in Newburyport; providing a rare glimpse at four centuries of homes illuminated in decorations and tradition.

Thankful in the Port

The falling leaves rid the November trees of their vibrant colors; the bright colors of autumn are dimming. Newburyport holds true to New England’s quintessential fall experience. New England’s autumn months are magical and part of that magic is found in the rarity and shortness of the season. What better way to end your fall season than with a holiday to celebrate thankfulness? Newburyport is the perfect place to celebrate your gratitude; be thankful in the Port this holiday season!

Yankee Homecoming

While we may not (do not) like the Yankees baseball team, the word ‘Yankee’ was historically used to describe an inhabitant of New England or one of the northern states. Residents of Newburyport already know this; they celebrate Yankee Homecoming every year around this time! According to the Yankee Homecoming site, in 1957 the renowned poet Jack Frost put forth the idea of a “national family reunion”; he proposed inviting Yankees who had moved West in the 1800s to return to their original homes for a celebration of New England’s rich history. Newburyport was one of the 29 cities that celebrated the festival in 1958, and 62 years later it is the only town that has kept the tradition alive. Keep reading to learn about some of the upcoming festivities and how you can get involved!

4th of July Cocktails

Independence Day is nearly upon us! Our country will soon come together to honor the liberation of the colonies hundreds of years ago and the bravery of those who came before us. The 4th of July is a lively and hopeful day, with many choosing to celebrate one way or another. At Newburyport Landing, residents are able to make use of the waterside views and relax on their porches as fireworks pop in the distance and the sun starts to set. The only thing that could make this experience better might just be a 4th-of-July-themed cocktail to cool down in the summer sun. Whether you’re a novice drink-maker or a licensed mixologist, you can’t go wrong with these four delicious drink recipes.