Fall Cocktails

Happy September. The kids are back in school, vacation is over and everyone is slowly adjusting to their work schedules. Where did the time go? The warm and bright mornings of summer have been traded for crisp air and dim skies. Summer 2019 is nearing its end but, don’t give into those post-Summer Blues just yet.

Before your grill goes into hibernation, not to be seen again till Memorial Day; end your season with one last Summer BBQ. Newburyport is the picturesque destination for your goodbye summer BBQ with friends and family. A destination for local markets; Newburyport has fresh fruits and veggies galore.

First stop, the historic, Tannery Marketplace; hosting Farmers Market’s, every Sunday, all the way through November. Located at 50 Water Street in Newburyport, Tannery Marketplace offers a wide variety of locally farmed fruits and vegetables. With all the best veggies; featuring vendors from Massachusetts and New Hampshire farms alike.  Picking out your BBQ favorites in itself will be an experience at Tannery Marketplace; shop around while you’re serenaded with live acoustic music. What better way to get you into the BBQ spirit?

Another hot spot for your favorite non-GMO and organic groceries and produce, is Newburyport’s very own, The Natural Grocer, located at 334 High Street. The produce at The Natural Grocer comes directly from local farms and produce markets. The store offers 90-100 varieties of fruits and vegetables on average. What’s a burger without the toppings? Imagine; a burger, hot off the grill, topped with a fresh, cool slice of tomato, crisp lettuce, thin sliced onion, (the possibilities are endless)…is your mouth watering yet?  The Natural Grocer, will provide you with all of the organic, mouthwatering veggies that will make an exquisite addition to your end of summer BBQ.

The meat of the BBQ is literally, the meat! Shop at The Modern Butcher Shop, located at 226 Merrimac Street, to get all your favorite cuts for the grand, end of summer event. The Modern Butcher Shop treats each animal with integrity, following their motto, “Our belief is if you’re going to eat meat it is best to treat the animals with respect & integrity and not let ANYTHING go to waste”. All of the meat is locally sourced from farms that the company has personally visited, and trusts. Make sure to visit The Modern Butcher and support their platform!

With all that talk of BBQ, isn’t it starting to feel like the beginning of summer again? Slow down, live tranquilly the rest of your summer. Enjoy some time for yourself, your family, and your friends this September. Get together, have a BBQ and enjoy all the fresh markets, food, and beauty that Newburyport has to offer!