To Be or Donut To Be?

Did you know that June 5th was national donut day this year? If you missed it – that’s alright! There’s always time to experience your own donut day in August; all you need to do is visit a local spot and pick out your favorite flavors. The luxury condominiums at Newburyport Landing are situated right on the water and are conveniently located only a brief walk away from three amazing donut shops in Newburyport!

The Angry Donut & Café

Created by Newburyport local Tom Quill in June 2016, The Angry Donut & Café has been a midtown Newburyport neighborhood staple for the past 3 years. Every donut is made from scratch with brioche dough – the fancy kind with plenty of eggs and butter. The shop also offers catering if you’re looking to throw a party or treat your co-workers! Try the chocolate ganache with sprinkles if you’re in the mood for chocolate, or the Fruity Pebbles if you’re feeling nostalgic. Whichever flavor you pick is guaranteed to taste delicious!

Changing Tides Café & Donut Shop

Come relax at this cozy spot with some coffee and a donut or two! The treats don’t end there; there are muffins, bagels, cinnamon-swirl biscuits, and loose-leaf tea if you’re looking for more options. The donuts are made fresh every day – you can watch the magic happen through the window. Changing Tides guarantees the utmost kindness while serving you and is committed to making you feel welcome and pampered while you dig in to their donuts.

When Pigs Fly

You may recognize the name – When Pigs Fly is renowned for its incredible selection of artisanal breads that are baked fresh daily. Naturally they tried their hand at donuts, and the results don’t disappoint. Donuts are currently only sold every Saturday at the store in Newburyport, so either cancel your plans or bring your plans with you – you’ll want a taste of these heavenly treats. Try the classics like jelly or maple glazed, or experiment with the strawberry & peach donut; it’s perfect for summer!

The walk from Newburyport Landing to either Changing Tides, Angry Donut, or When Pigs Fly is less than 15 minutes long – the perfect amount of time to think about which donut(s) you’re going to pick! As the shops are all in the same area, you can make a day of it and visit all three spots for a donut sampling. If you weren’t craving a donut before, I bet you are now… throw some shoes on and run over for some delectable donuts!