Spring Cleaning – Living Hassle-free and Clutter-free at Newburyport Landing

Starting something new can be one of the most daunting tasks for people to overcome. It’s not the fear of the unknown that inhibits people from making beneficial changes, but the fear that changing will somehow impact their comfort level and lifestyle.

Moving into a new home can be one of those things that scares people at first, as they are required to leave their comfort zone and adjust to a whole new environment, but if you are downsizing, moving can be a great excuse to clean out your house.

There are some easy things that we can do to make the adjustment much easier to handle. At Newburyport Landing, moving into a low maintenance home in a beautiful location is as stress-free as can be.

The homes at Newburyport Landing have innovative technology that makes life simpler. The new Nest Thermostat gives you the ability to control your homes temperature anywhere, whether it’s from your phone when you’re on the move or in the comfort of your own home. And it barely takes up any room on your wall! Home technology is one of the many innovations that makes new condo living all the more worthwhile.

So now that you’ve moved in to your new home, what is the second step? Getting organized! With a few tips from cleanup experts, no mess is too much to manage. The best way to start is to de-clutter your home. According to ‘becomingminimalist.com’, some ways to begin this process would be:

  • Allocate some time to make this happen
  • Give items you don’t utilize anymore away, one day at a time
  • Fill up some trash bags!
  • Make a list of the places in your home would benefit the most from a clean up
  • Take the 12-12-12 Challenge (12 items that will get thrown away/ 12 that will be donated/ 12 that will be returned to their proper home)
  • Change your perspective (try to notice areas that have clutter you might’ve missed)
  • Experiment with numbers (challenge to yourself to live with less). Do you really need three pairs of the same pants? Three very similar shirts? Give them away!

What better time for an old-fashioned cleanup than right before a big move into a new home? The homes of Newburyport Landing have so much to offer and will surely not disappoint, no matter your taste or style. De-cluttering helps you take control of both your surroundings and your home. People can always be a bit reluctant to move from an old home because of sentimental value and attachment to their past. Keep those memories and create new ones at Newburyport Landing; your future awaits here!