Races in the Port

Early Marathons are the jumpstart to the competitive running season, and now that the spring is upon us, events are now in full swing! Look no further than Newburyport, as it has everything that you need to make the most of the good weather.

All the running events taking place in Newburyport Landing will most definitely keep you entertained for the season. The well-renowned ‘Boston Marathon’ just took place on April 15th, but that doesn’t mean that you missed out on all the action! As you might or might not know, there are many races coming to the Newburyport Landing area this spring and summer.  These races do not only draw a ton participants in the area, but also allow people from all the surrounding areas to come and enjoy the town as well! One of the races you can partake would be the Riverwalk IPA 5K which you can register for up until May 19th, 2019. If you like to have options, you can also choose to partake in the ‘Travs’s Trail Run’, a three mile cross country race. Running season is coming up, and don’t miss out on the local running action by registering for one of the upcoming running events here.

The Flag Day 5K is another opportunity to get involved in some of the local races, not to mention that it begins on 260 Merrimac Street, which is right next door to Newburyport Landing. This event is perfect for those that aren’t residents to the area yet, as they have a chance to be part of all the action happening this season. Don’t hesitate to try kayaking on the Merrimac River if you’re one of the many people that prefers to spend time on the water during this time of year. Newburyport is also home to the historic ‘Maudslay State Park’, which was voted the “Best of Northshore Awards for Nature Trails, and Park”. The park is a landscaped and decorative park along the right bank of the Merrimack River and a perfect space to take a brisk spring run. The park features thickets, gardens, and tall pines. If you and your family would rather spend relaxation time wining and dining, then everyone can elect to go enjoy a congenial meal at the Black Cow or Mission Oak Grill.

If you’re from the Boston area, take that trip up I-93 N and see what all the hype is about yourself. Feel free to explore the area, and as you can already tell, it has a lot to offer and so much more. And while you’re here, stop by the sales office at Newburyport Landing!