Top Places to Live Near Boston Right Now – Newburyport, MA

Imagine being in a place that allows you to experience the perfect combination of classic and modern. Newburyport is one of the most historic towns in the country; it’s a place that not only has historical significance in Massachusetts, but the whole country. Newburyport was one of the first places Europeans settled in the early 1600s and has some incredible ties to past U.S. Presidents, notably George Washington and John Quincy Adams.

The town of Newburyport caters to families as 56% of the town’s population is between the ages of 18 and 62. The public education system is superb, boasting a 50% Advance Placement (AP) class participation rate at Newburyport High School, which is well above the national average. It is always important for parents to know that their children will be in the hands of those that prioritize the future, in high school and beyond.

Newburyport is filled with its own unique landscape and scenery. People in this town enjoy spring and summer activities ranging from: Plumfest, Springfest and Yankee Homecoming, to beach walks on Plum Island, which has over 11 miles of beaches and a 77-Acre Park to kayaking on Merrimac River.

On the other side of the spectrum, if shopping or great food is the more desirable way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, Newburyport has many attractions to offer. All residents and tourist have access to an eclectic group of options for shopping and restaurants all around; Market Square and The Tannery are favorite stops. If antiquing is your thing, there is much to choose from, but many start at Oldies Marketplace that is open on weekends and is located along the water at 27 Water Street.

There is no doubt that Newburyport has something that will intrigue not only tourists, but also people that are considering a permanent move to a town that has it all. Come visit us at Newburyport Landing and see what the buzz is about!