More Rings Than Fingers & More Records Broken – Not Bad Pats!

Cue the confetti – it’s official everyone! Tom Brady has now won his 6th Super Bowl alongside his, and of course our beloved team, the New England Patriots, coach Bill Belichick, and team owner Robert Kraft. In accomplishing this incredible feat, Tom now holds some new incredible NFL records after beating the L.A. Rams. Historically speaking, there is a high chance these records will last forever, but they will certainly at least last for quite some time. Either way, our very own, Tom Brady, has once again somehow raised the bar, thus setting it high for those to follow. The best part – he still has more left to give us, and he isn’t going anywhere just yet.

New Super Bowl Records Set:

Most Super Bowls played – 9, Tom Brady
Most Super Bowls won – 6, Tom Brady
Oldest Starting QB to win Super Bowl – 41, Tom Brady
Most Super Bowls as head coach – 9, Bill Belichick
Most Super Bowls won as head coach – 6, Bill Belichick
Oldest head coach to win Super Bowl – 66, Bill Belichick
Most Passes in Super Bowl – 392, Tom Brady
Most Completions in Super Bowl – 256, Tom Brady
Most Passing Yards in Super Bowl – 2838, Tom Brady
Most Super Bowl appearances – 11, New England Patriots

Super Bowl Records Tied:

Most receptions in first half of a Super Bowl – 7, J. Edelman
Most punt returns in Super Bowl – 8, Julian Edelman
Most Super Bowl victories – 6, New England Patriots
Fewest points by a team in Super Bowl – 3, L.A. Rams
Fewest touchdowns by a team in Super Bowl – 0, L.A. Rams

We understand you may still be celebrating the last parade only a few months ago for the Boston Red Sox, but this Super Bowl LIII victory parade will surely be something worth witnessing in-person. The parade will begin at 11:00am at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, and will then end on Cambridge Street. If you are worried you have to wake up earlier than everyone else to make it downtown from Newburyport Landing, then please fear not! The Newburyport News posted an article online stating that more coach rail cars have been added to the lineup to ensure everyone makes it to their destination of choice on this joyous day. They have even stated they plan to form single lines that extend outside, so do not worry if you show up and immediately see a line. They are doing this to avoid any discomfort people could experience from overcrowding. They are on top of everything, so you simply have to show up in your Patriots gear with money for a ticket. More importantly, please be ready to have some fun!

We wish those of you who plan on going to the Super Bowl victory parade a fantastic day. Enjoy!