Local Fitness Facilities To Get Your Fit On In 2019

Are you looking to get into shape in 2019? Well, look no further, as we have got you covered! We didn’t simply want to list some local run-of the-mill gyms in case that isn’t your forte, especially in this day-in-age where there are so many new fitness trends! Now, we couldn’t list everything, but we do think we selected a few spectacular locations for you to get into your exercise groove.

First on our list, we have Pure Barre located at 45 Storey Ave, Newburyport, MA. The name of this facility likely gives it away, but this is a barre fitness studio. This studio will get you sculpted in each of the major muscle groups, and probably even a few you haven’t felt/used in quite some time if you haven’t exercised as of late. You know what though? That’s the point! They are very much into full body activation. The barre method draws from ballet, yoga, and Pilates style movements. Pure Barre’s Website can tell you more, but they are known for their full body method that usually includes a 45-50 minute session. These sessions are total body workouts, and they use a series of “low impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce” what you want – results!

Second to make the cut is Crossfit Full Potential located at 5 Perkins Way #4, Newburyport, MA.  As you may have heard, Crossfit has become quite the trend over the past several years. If you have yet to try it out, then we strongly suggest you give it a try if you are into what could easily be considered a more intense workout regimen/program. This facility was even given the highly sought after, “Best of North Shore” designation. We all know that exercising is key, but so is a proper nutrition schedule. Luckily, they have nutrition experts here who are more than willing to get you eating healthy. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t been eating all healthy foods though. We all gain a few pounds by indulging in delicious dinners, desserts, and snacks over the holiday season. Winter included, but soon enough it will be summer. Time may fly by, but it is already time to start thinking in advance about your ‘beach bod’.

Fear not if the above facilities are not your style of exercise, as the next two locations being listed may be the one for you. First, a fantastic cycling studio. Fuel Training Studio is located at 22 Graf Rd, Newburyport, MA. This facility takes pride on being there for anyone, no matter their needs. Their website homepage even states that, “Fuel Training Studio is founded on the belief that clients of all levels can achieve their fitness goals in a fun, motivating and encouraging environment that utilizes safe, state of the art exercise practices”. If Crossfit, and the rest, feel overwhelming then you are certainly not the only person to have this mindset. That is also why you have Fuel Training Studio to try out, as it was made for you!

We can’t forget to mention some goof old-fashioned style yoga classes at Saltwater Yoga Studio either of course! If you have not tried yoga before, we highly suggest you give it a try. We understand it is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that more often than not the classes are filled with more females than males. We want to change that! These classes will have you limber, stretched out, and get you into the best condition flexibility wise, so if you are the Crossfit type, then why not give yoga a shot too? We have all heard people say they would only try hot yoga (heated Vinyasa) the day they see a mythological creature. Luckily for them, this yoga studio is located at 22 Unicorn Street in Newburyport!

A few other lovely places that are in close proximity to Newburyport Landing include, but are not limited to, the local YWCA located at 13 Market St in Newburyport, and Get In Shape For Women located at 58 Merrimac St Unit 3. Both are in Newburyport, and both of these facilities are a quick drive, or even walk, away as they are .6 and .7 miles away from your residence. If you are a swimmer, then we highly suggest you checkout the YWCA, but we also suggest visiting Latitude Sports Club, which is located at 191 Elm St in Salisbury, MA. We wish we could list even more phenomenal places to visit, but these are a great starting point to get the ball rolling in 2019!

We strongly encourage you to try at least one of these outstanding facilities out for a test-run, as we imagine that test-run will likely turn into a lovely new part of your schedule. Whether this new routine ends up being weekly, biweekly, or monthly is up to you, but we can assure you the best part of these classes/facilities is that they are absolutely judgement-free zones. To see even more local fitness facilities, please visit Mind Body, as this website was created to provide a list of everything available in your area! If you’re not in the mood to go full-speed right off the bat then the beginner classes are perfect for you no matter what method you select to try out. We all know trying something new, and especially in a room full of those who already have the skillset, can be intimidating. That’s why we love the fact these locations simply want you to show up, and have some fun! What you sweat off in the process is all just one heck of a bonus. It’s also yet another reason to try something new out for a figurative spin, but possibly even a literal one!